Minneapolis-based manufacturer Metro Mold & Design has created a program intended to help OEMs save planned product from the brink of failure.

The “Making the Impossible” program is intended to help OEM’s that cannot deliver a new product because the partnering manufacturer discovers it is unable to produce the item just before the launch phase.

The program also helps OEMS when the product has been altered in a way that “can compromise the business goals and objectives the product was designed to produce,” according to Metro Mold & Design.

In addition to OEMs, Metro Mold & Design said the program also benefits its supply chain partners.

Mold & Design CEO Greg Heinmann claims the program satisfies a current void in the marketplace.

“Today’s OEMs are banking on the design or redesign of products to accomplish big business goals. On rare occasions they need a highly creative and atypical manufacturing solution that their current supply base just simply can’t produce. This is where Metro Mold really excels,” he said.

The company claims it is able to use materials that are tough to manufacture, resulting in a process that connects molding and manufacturing, and also developing “the complex geometries and tight tolerances that often elude other manufacturers.”

“We recognize the importance of the business objectives our customers are after, Heinemann said. “We give our customers the confidence to know that we will not limit their creativity and innovation, but rather enhance their ability to get the product launched successfully.”

More information on the program can be found here.

Real Time Digital Reporter