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Brand Overview

Electronic design engineers actively seek out product news, tools, and market information, consuming it in a variety of desired formats as they build a library of design intelligence for current and future projects. With ECN, your company and products remain “top-of-mind” with these professionals through our content-rich information delivery channels.

ECN engages a global audience of design engineers, empowering them to elevate the quality and innovation of their high-level design initiatives. Respected, high-level editorial content, including daily updates on news, products, and best practices, video broadcasting, social commentary via web and email, webcasts, blog posts by editors, special contributors, and readers, and multiple design tool resources, allows these decision-makers to make informed technology purchasing decisions in the early, middle, and advanced stages of the design cycle.


Market Overview

Primed to Help EOEM Marketers Achieve Their Priority Objectives

The universe of electronic design engineers is driven by the need to achieve greater efficiencies throughout the design process. The pressure of reducing costs and decreasing times to market severely challenges their ability to deliver technological innovation while still remaining competitive.

As a group, electronic design engineers exhibit considerable influence over large scale purchases. They’re proactive in their search for facts and information, analyzing significant trends, technological innovation, and industry developments in the interest of making informed purchasing decisions related to their latest designs.

Gathering reliable information in a timely manner is critical to keeping their projects on schedule across different vertical sectors as they navigate through all phases of the design process. Engaging these design professionals with a clear message at strategic intervals – from product concept through manufacturing – is key to establishing a credible presence in today’s EOEM.


Content Focus

ECN has been the electronic design community’s premier source for product information, news, and sharp editorial for more than 50 years. ECN features articles for EOEM engineers working in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Computing
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Power
  • Wireless

We have created the most complete, trusted information resource for the EOEM design engineer.