Ocada, an online-only supermarket, delivers and packs hundreds of thousands of orders each week with 98.9 percent accuracy, but how? Ocada’s automated warehouses have over 1,000 robots that individually pick and pack grocery orders calculating three million routes per second to retrieve the groceries. The grid consists of 250,000 storage locations by which robots continuously buzz. The three-story high aluminum grid contains white storage crates of groceries. The robots then pick up crates from each stack and deliver them to pick stations where shoppers assemble custom orders.

Now, the doors to these automated warehouses are open to the public. You can even get a 360 degree tour of Ocado's Andover CFC3 Automated Warehouse

Fun Facts:

  • An average order of 50 items takes just five minutes to pick and pack
  • If you were to lay the tracks the robots travel on in a straight line, they could get all the way from London to Cambridge (112 km)
  • Each robot travels between 50 km and 60 km per day
  • Each day the Andover robot fleet travels a distance that equates to 4.5 times around the planet
  • The warehouse system is part of the Ocado Smart Platform