Advanced Linear Devices has created a revolutionizing approach to efficiently and automatically balancing supercapacitors connected in a series stack of two or more.

There is a better way of controlling leakage current using an SAB MOSFET. It automatically balances the stack without any power and inmost cases it stops the current from leaking, which is most likely the reason your supercapacitor continues to fail.

Our method is a low voltage, low current solution that will extend the life and reliability of any application that requires supercapacitor

ALD’s method works on all supercapacitors, even caps with higher than 1,000-Farads because the current doesn’t travel through the MOSFET.


  • Atomically balance supercapacitors
  • Lower additional leakage ceurrents to near zero
  • Provide a simple, and yet elegent solution
  • Scalable and stackable
  • Completely automatic process
  • Adjusts for changing conditions and leakage currents
  • Save board space and reducing the component count

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