In our latest Engineering Live discussion focused on How Do We Get Kids into STEM?, we discussed how to get students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

In this discussion, we take it a step further and discuss how we can keep students involved in STEM.

Statistics show that 38 percent of students who start with a STEM major in college do not actually graduate with a degree in the same discipline. What needs to change to prevent these losses? What can professors, and even businesses, do to keep students engaged and interested in the STEM field of their choice?

On this episode of Engineering Live, ECN’s expert panel will discuss:

  • What steps we (teachers, professors, STEM organizations) can take to keep students interested in STEM.
  • What type of curriculum is most effective in keeping students in STEM?
  • How businesses can actively encourage students to continue pursuing a degree in a STEM field.