In this week's episode of the Engineering Update:

3D-printed Army chow
Anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of burnt cardboard could tell you that the Army isn’t known for its fine culinary selections. While troops can eat surprisingly well in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the most part, the military subsists on odious chow hall food or the infamous Meals Ready to Eat (or MREs).

Solving wind energy problems
Though wind energy might not be the most popular option for power, that hasn’t stopped researchers from coming up with more affordable and user-friendly ways of capturing wind. The AirEnergy3D solves a few of the major wind energy problems. First of all, it’s 3D printed, which means it’s much cheaper to create than a typical turbine. Secondly, it’s portable, so you can take it with you anywhere that it might prove useful.

A new kind of accelerometer
A company called mCube has created a new kind of accelerometer, about a millimeter across, which could eventually add motion-sense capabilities to clothing. Conventional accelerometers are composed of a mechanical device and a microchip, but the mCube device integrates both of those components on a single chip, leading to the drastic reduction in size and the possibility for motion sensing in apparel....