In this week's episode of the Engineering Update:

A $52 million dollar car
The Ferrari GTO 250 weighs in at 1980 pounds and has a 300 horsepower v8 engine. It gets its sleek shape from placing aluminum over a wood frame and hammering it, by hand, into shape.
A high-tech baby monitor
The band measures the baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, and sleep patterns, and the parent receives real-time notifications via the app. As an added bonus, the charging station monitors the room temperature, humidity, sound, and light of the tike’s room.
A final salute to the ISEE-3
Instead of flying within 31 miles of the moon, the craft flew within 9.700 miles before heading back into deep space where it will orbit the sun and reappear near earth in about 17 years. But it wasn’t all a waste, the ISEE 3 Reboot team recently announced that all the data the craft transmits during the next leg of it’s life will be made available to the public.