In this episode of the Engineering Update:

Marines begin testing robotic mule
The United States Marines Corps recently began testing Boston Dynamics' legged squad support system (or the LS3) at the Kahuku training area in Hawaii. For those who don’t know, the LS3 is a robotic pack mule that could function autonomously and follow troops over rugged terrain, toting up to 400 pounds of equipment. It also sounds like a lawnmower and trots around like a pony.

Robotic snowblower
When it comes to homecare, the two most reviled chores when it comes to the yard have to be snow removal and mowing the lawn. Luckily some creative researchers at Istanbul Technical University are hard at work creating a robot that could take care of both of those issues.

A “No Cellphones” walking lane
Many of us have probably made fools of ourselves — or witnessed others make fools of themselves — while texting and walking which, in its own limited way, has become a public health scare. How many times have you witnessed a hapless individual with his head down, oblivious to the world around him, silently going about their business while others try valiantly to avoid him? Or not hit him with their car.