In this episode of the Engineering Update:

An energy efficient house
The Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility is a two-story, 2,700 square foot house located on the campus of The National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington D.C. Though the house looks like any other house, it was actually designed as a laboratory to study clean energy.
A material so black it can't be seen
For centuries, black has been the color of style and chic, not to mention the macabre, but a British company has invented a material so black that it cannot be seen by the human eye.
Group fails to save 35-year old space probe
The ISEE space probe officially shut down in 1997 and has remained basically an expensive piece of space junk until earlier this May when a group of engineers and enthusiasts asked NASA for permission to attempt to send it into a new orbit around earth and eventually use it to study more comets.