In this episode of the Engineering Update:

Detecting lightning strikes in real-time
A crowd-funded protect by the name of Blitzortung has set up a real-time monitoring system capable of tracking every lightning strike worldwide with a delay of 4 seconds or less. Students of history — specifically World War II — know that "blitz" means 'lightning', while "ortung" is a German word for "location", and that's exactly what Blitzortung does — track the location of lightning.

Japan's stealth fighter
Once Japan realized the United States wasn't going to sell any of its F-22 raptor steal air superiority fighters, the Japanese government began funding their own project. The idea was to create an aircraft whose purpose would be two fold. The plane would serve as a showcase for Japan's latest military technologies and it would also allow for some experimenting as the military began to determine the necessary functions for a fighter plane.

Cadillac goes electric
The Cadillac ELR plug-in electric hybrid is a very capable vehicle — the gasoline equivalent of 82 MPG combined city/highway, an energy consumption rate of 41 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles, and a gas-only rating of 33 MPG, all of which positions it as a capable challenger to both the Tesla and the Chevy Volt, though only the Caddy electric vehicle is specifically targeted at fat cats (you know, even if fat cats are the only ones able to afford all three).