In this episode of the Engineering Update:

Boeing's newest space ship
On June 9th, Boeing unveiled its CST-100 commercial space taxi designed to reboot the U.S.'s space shuttle program. The company is referring to this capsule as a "space taxi" due to its simplicity and cost effectiveness.
A pocket-sized printer
The Printee Lab is developing a prototype pocket printer that would drive itself around a piece of paper, printing as it travels, and even search for new pieces of paper. The micro-sized device weighs about 10.5 ounces, with the approximate dimensions of an iPhone 5, and if the team hits their $330,000 goal on Indiegogo, they'll set about finishing their prototype, with a general launch scheduled for next year.
A new anti-tank missile launcher
The newest weapon to make an appearance, at least for the French Army, is the MMP, an anti-tank missile launcher designed to replace the Milan launcher currently being used. The weapon was designed with modern warfare and urban terrain in mind. It's a 33-pound, tripod-mounted system with a real time data link that can be fired by dismounted troops, remote turrets or mounted on a combat vehicle.