In this week's episode of the Engineering Update:

The most secure drone in the world
DARPA has been developing a program called High Assurance Cyber Military Systems, which uses software to thwart all manner of cyber-attacks on drones. The project originated at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Washington, and according to the program manager for DARPA, the software is allegedly mathematically invulnerable to large classes of attack.

Studying weightlessness for long-term space voyages
Given the complicated political, social and financial conversations that often surround space exploration, it's easy to forget we aren't the only living things hanging out up there. And by living things, I don't mean some sort of alien life form, but rather something a little bit smaller.

Kicking a soccer ball using mind control
While soccer star Landon Donavon's baffling omission from the US National Team has dominated the early buzz surrounding the World Cup, an historic event of a different sort should take place in the host country of Brazil. Thanks to the Walk Again Project, a paralyzed Brazilian teen will make a ceremonial opening kick using a mind-controlled exoskeleton.

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