In this week's episode of the Engineering Update:

The 3D printed creation that replaced a $42,000 prosthetic
Jeremy Simon from 3D universe was able to create a 3D-printed hand that he calls the Cyborgbeast. It's a completely mechanical device made from ABS plastic with a series of flexible cords that allow it to act like a real hand. It turned out so well that the patient says he prefers it for day-to-day use.
Turning people into roving Wi-Fi hotspots
While it won’t win any fashion points, the experimental 3-D-printed BB.Suit from Dutch fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk could turn people into walking Wi-Fi hotspots. The cotton onesie -- which looks like a hybrid between a bathrobe and full-body cast -- includes Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth.
And a big first for the X-47B UAV
The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System hit another first earlier this month with the successful completion of the first night flights. The UAV, which was designed for carrier operations, first took to the air in early 2011 and has since spent its time running through the big firsts, including being the first UAV to launch and recovery from an aircraft carrier.

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