In this week's episode of the Engineering Update:

A guide to charging your phone in 30 seconds
Israeli startup StoreDot is taking the lead on shortening the amount of time it takes to charge your phone from a few hours to about 30 seconds by creating chemically synthesized bioorganic peptide molecules—called nano dots—that—as the name suggests—are really tiny.
Becoming a music glover
Working with high-precision wearable sensor technology, the Mi.Mu gloves track hand motion, recognizing postures and detecting sharp movements that allow musicians to play with their hands.

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Deploying electromagnetic railguns
Earlier this week, the Navy announced plans to install and test an electromagnetic railgun aboard a joint high-space vessel by fiscal year 2016. The railgun was capable of launching a 7 pound projectile at hypersonic speeds up to 2.4 kilometers per second, and the final operational system will be able to fire munitions up to 110 nautical miles.

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