In this week's episode of Engineering Update:

A jet-powered UAV
The MQ-9 Reaper is one bad-ass piece of terrorist-killin', missile-launching military hardware, so like any successful Hollywood blockbuster, a sequel was inevitable. Well, the Reaper's big cousin has arrived. And it's glorious.

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Sensor-swallowing sharks
About 2.2 million species live in the 1 billion 335 cubic kilometers of water that make up the oceans. It makes sense given that is about 95% of the habitable real estate on the planet. The challenge of researching these animals is it's a difficult environment for a human to survive in for more than a few hours at most. Needless to say, scientists who wanted to study sharks had to get a little creative.

A touchscreen pizza table
As the premier source for news, products, and tools for electronic design engineers, ECN prides itself on its extensive coverage of the most quintessential of consumer dining confections, a Neapolitan treat distilled into its tastiest and most efficient form — pizza.