Deploying maritime drones

Now you didn’t really think the flyboys would get to play with all the unmanned toys did you? The Navy has its own plans to deploy drones, including the Hydra underwater “truck”, and other surveillance technology that can function in a maritime environment.

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Solar panels blinding pilots

We’ve talked a lot on Engineering Update and about the potential and the pitfalls of solar power. Most critics point to the prohibitive cost of building and installing the panels, the general inefficiency and even the large areas of land necessary to useful solar farms as reasons that solar power isn’t going to cut it. But this week, the Clark County Department of Aviation in Nevada found one more thing to complain about.

Detecting road rage using facial recognition

Sophisticated automotive technology can help identify elevated blood-alcohol levels, prevent collisions, and beep at you incessantly when you forget to put on your seatbelt. But what about deterring road rage?