In this episode of Engineering Update, brought to you by Components Corporation:

Beer-drinking robots
The world of technology hasn't perfected artificial intelligence — thank god — but when it does, a new discovery will ensure that our robotic overlords can enjoy everyone's favorite adult beverage.

Dr. Mario
The mere mention of the name "Nintendo" should give every child of the 80s a big goofy smile. The iconic game developer dominated video games in the latter half of the 20th century and rescued the fledgling industry after the great crash of '83. But instead of cutting prices or changing the company's core focus — which has stayed firmly rooted in the family-friendly market — Nintendo announced that it will be entering the healthcare industry.

Automotive vending machine
Here at ECN, we've covered an array of specialty vending machines — pizza vending machines, green vending machines, and even a cup of joe on demand. But a Chinese company — appropriately named Kandi — is dreaming bigger...much, much bigger.