CES 2014 broke records, as CES seems to do every year, and with the massive amount of people and the overflowing number of vendors, it’s easy to miss a lot. That’s why editors Chris Fox and Jason Lomberg traveled to Las Vegas and compiled the Top Ten from CES 2014, brought to you by Skyworks Solutions.

10. Toyota’s iRoad — Toyota premiered a demo of the company’s new iRoad concept, a tiny, three-wheeled road car that leans into turns like a motorcycle.

9. Curvy, Voluptuous TVs — After the flop of 3D TVs, curved displays have taken the baton as the next big thing in consumer electronics, and most of the major companies have already jumped onboard.

8. More Processing Power — Nvidia presented their all-new Tegra K1 mobile CPU, which boasts a 64-bit Super Core CPU.

7. Smart Sporting Goods — Smart bats, basketballs, and tennis racquets are contributing to our ever-increasing appetite for data and adding to the internet of things everyday.

6. 3D Printing — This year has been booming for 3D printing, and at CES 2014 the showing was more than three times that of CES 2013, necessitating a new tech area of booths for the devices.

5. RFID Gun Locks — RPH Engineering has developed a gun safe using Murata's RFID HF tag technology to quickly unlock the unit, allowing quick access to the firearm.

4. Balancing Electric Bikes — Lit Motors’ all electric motorcycle has the potential to rewrite the book on motorcycle piloting with its unique balance system.

3. 3M Touchscreen Tech — Sometimes technology can enable valuable applications that benefit the future of humanity and improve the collective quality of life, and sometimes you play foosball.

2. Smartphone Stun Gun — Yellow Jacket has developed a smartphone case that can double as a defensive stun gun.

1. Crossing the Oculus Rift — The Kickstarter-funded, Oculus Rift Crystal Cove headset unveiled its first prototype on the CES 2014 floor, and the technology aims to be a show-stopper.

CES 2014 was the biggest yet, so what did we miss? Comment below and we’ll cover them in an upcoming episode.  

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