This week on ECN's Engineering Update, brought to you by Mouser Electronics:

A drone delivery system
If you're already signed up for Amazon prime for its next-day delivery, you might want to get onboard the drone trend since Amazon says that's the next big thing in sales. The drones would be capable of carrying packages and orders under 5 pounds to any site within 10 miles of a fulfillment center.

Harnessing the power of the roadway
In this system, the energy is created not by cars driving over a sensor, but rather the cars drive up a small ramp made from a polymer planted in the roadway. The ramp is about 2 inches over the surface and when it's pushed down by the weight of the car it creates air, which travels to a bellows, then a hose and finally into a storage tank where it will eventually power a turbine.

And light-up carpets
The idea is that the technology, which combines LEDs with light transmissive carpeting, would replace signs in places like offices, hotels or airports.