Today on Engineering Newswire, we're working with the world's smallest wrench, crossing the pacific in an autonomous wave rider, and creating a humanoid robot that can walk, talk, and ... act? Today's episode features:

• RoboThespian is a life-sized, programmable humanoid robot designed to talk, sing, and he even recites Shakespeare. Engineered Arts is currently at work on a next generation humanoid dynamic robot that can walk, run, and jump.
• The new robotics startup CyPhy Works is coming out with a pair of stealth mode unmanned aerial robots, a quadrotor dubbed PARC, and the Extreme Access System for Entry, or EASE.
• Physicists at the University of Texas at Arlington have developed the fiber-optic equivalent of the world's smallest wrench. This virtual tool can precisely twist and turn the tiniest of particles.
• California-based Aeros has almost completed its dirigible airship prototype. This new breed of variable buoyancy aircraft promises to revolutionize airship technology with its new technology.
• The PacX glider, Papa Mau, just completed its journey of 9,000 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean, setting a new world record for the longest distance traveled by an autonomous vehicle.

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