Today on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by PD&D TV, we're propelling bio-bots with rat blood, creating a dancing robot, "Gangnam Style", and blowing up James Bond's Aston Martin. This episode features:

•Propshop Modelmakers, which commissioned Augsburg-based voxeljet to 3D print James Bond's Aston Martin.
•Researchers at the University of Illinois create new non-electronic, biological machines created by 3D printing the soft gelatin like polymer, hydrogel, and combining it with the heart cells of a rat.
•The NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas in Dallas has created new artificial muscles based on carbon nanotubes yarns that are one-tenth the diameter of a human hair.
•The "SUV of Motorcycles" is a nifty two-wheeler that sports a single cylinder, four-valve, liquid-cooled 750cc engine.
•Virginia Tech's Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory built a humanoid robot, CHARLI-2 as a platform to help those with disabilities cook, clean, and carry items.

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