This week on Engineering Newswire, brought to you by Memory Protection Devices:

- A group of scientists from the ETH Zurich research group are in the process of creating a swimming, robotic sea turtle named naro -- tartaruga.

- Hitachi, in collaboration with Nippon Signal and the University of Yamanashi, developed a prototype boarding gate that collects minute particles that have affixed themselves to integrated circuit cards or mobile devices used as boarding passes.

- Astrobotic Technology's Polaris is a full-size, solar-powered prototype that could search for rich deposits of water ice on the moon's poles.

- A research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology wants give robots the power of the all mighty MacGyver — the ability to use objects in their environments to accomplish high-level tasks.

- Researchers at Disney Research Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are experimenting with 3D printed optics with a clear resin.

- Flexsolar and the Fraunhofer Institute have developed flexible organic solar cells to take the next step forward.