In addition to the BeagleBoard hands-on workshop, the WLAN hacking workshop, many relevant conversations including topics like the eLinux wiki and Yocto, and various mentions in things like the game event, the following demonstrations were on display...

Avnet selling BeagleBoard-xMs (­EAGLEBOARD-XM/_/R-14441977/A-14441977/An-0?action=part&catalogId=500201&langId=-­1&storeId=500201)

CATCAN Android-based robot with WLAN with a BeagleBoard-xM ( and

The Always Innovating "SuperJumbo" demo of Android, customized Angstrom, Ubuntu, and Chromium multiple simultaneous operating systems demo on a BeagleBoard-xM (

Sandia National Laboratories cluster of 49 OMAP3530 processors each running Linux utilizing 7 Gumstix Stagecoach carriers networked together at 100Mbps (

BeagleBoard-xM using the BeagleBoardToys WLAN adapter and running Ubuntu (

They ran Debian on the boards during the WLAN hacking workshop. The workshop was standing room only.