ROLEC Extends Its aluNORM Enclosures Range To 86 Sizes

July 2018

Industrial enclosures manufacturer ROLEC has extended its rugged aluNORM range to 86 sizes across four variants.

Tough and dependable aluNORM is ROLEC’s largest range of IP-rated electronic enclosures. They are designed to house and safeguard automation and machine control electronics in harsh and challenging environments.

These diecast aluminum cases feature globally patented single screw channels. The lid screws sit in the same channels as the mounting screws – freeing up more interior space for PCBs. A modular construction system offers four possible variants for each plan size: AS (deep base, flat lid); AD (flat base, deep lid); AF (flat base, flat lid), AH (deep base, deep lid).

Internal mountings include a fastening thread in lateral bars on the floor of the enclosure and a fastening option and/or thread in the lid (depending on the variant specified).

Versatile aluNORM’s 86 standard sizes (1.96” x 2.55” x 1.57” to 24.19” x 12.59” x 4.72”) are based on a mathematically calculated formula. This makes them compatible with ROLEC’s polyTOP range of polyester enclosures.

ROLEC aluNORM is rated to IP 66 (IP 67 optional). All the enclosures are powder finished in silky gray (RAL 7035) as standard with optional corrosion protection. Prices start at $24. 

Accessories include an internal mounting plate kit, two different types of external mounting brackets; DIN rails (TS15, TS35); a cross rails kit; terminal block support and two types of hinges (internal and external).

ROLEC can supply aluNORM fully customized ready for the installation of PCBs. Services include CNC machining, custom colors and materials, printing, engraving, RFI/EMI shielding, membrane keypads and full assembly. 

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