Universe Kogaku America designs and manufactures precision assembled optical lenses. We have over 60 years of optics design and manufacturing innovation, with complete custom design capabilities from concept to prototype to production. UKA designs and manufactures UV Quartz lenses, CCD and CMOS lenses, CCTV and Diode Laser lenses, and Hi-Res lenses. Applications include Automotive, Electronics, Machine Vision, Image/Barcode, Medical Imaging, Microscopic and Photographic lenses, Lens Mounts, Filters and Accessories. Design assistance available. We have thousands of lenses in stock. Universe Kogaku’s application engineers will provide your optimal lens solution, assisting with all your design considerations—from lens assembly and overall specifications to budgets and timetables. Reduce your project costs with Universe’s extensive selection of standard lens assemblies and elements, and value-added services for component modification. Custom lenses can often eliminate the need for other modifications in your design. Universe Kogaku can provide ideal lens solutions for your unique designs.