[ATP-402 SERIES] Auto Insertable, Tape & Reel Test Points

ATP-402 series test points provide a convenient loop profiled anchor for the board level "troubleshooting" of today's densely populated electronic circuits in a configuration which is fully compatible with automated, mass assembly processes. These units are supplied on a tape-and-reel format which conforms to most radial leaded, component insertion machines and complies with the taping specifications of Universal Instruments Corporation.

Within the ATP-402 series there are two choices of test point. The ATP -402-1O provides an oval configured loop and has mounting leads on .100" centers. The ATP-402-20 is a lower profiled device with an "above board" height of .150" and mounting leads on .200" centers. Both of these units are formed from .020" diameter copper w ire, have an electro tin finish and are packaged on standard reels of 5000.

Specifications & Materials

Contact Material: .020" diameter copper wire (24 AWG)

Finish: Bright, electro-tin

Standard Pack: 5000 pieces per reel

Taping Standard: Universal Instruments Specification #GS-187E

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