ProTek Devices (Tempe, AZ) has introduced a new transient voltage suppressor array (TVS array) for overvoltage circuit protection in a variety of high-speed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, LAN / WAN equipment, notebooks and desktop computers, and more. The new PLR2512 is an ultra-low capacitance (3pF typical) TVS array with 100 watts peak pulse power per line (typical = 8/20 micro seconds). Other features include:

• ESD protection of > 25 kilovolts.
• Low leakage current of 10nA.
• Low stand-off voltage of 2.5 volts.
• Minimum and maximum breakdown voltages of 2.7 and 3.6 volts, respectively.
• Maximum snapback voltage of 2.8 volts.

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