PIMAWT Global has launched a new product line of passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzers for manufacturing, R&D and QA: PEM42A Series. These new PIM analyzers can handle up to four frequency bands in the range of 385 MHz to 2600 MHz. It performs S-parameter measurements without the need to reconnect cables to the device under test (DUT). PEM42A systems consist of a control and switching unit, up to four frequency modules and an integrated Agilent 5072A ENA. The ENA serves as precision measurement receiver and for s-parameter measurements. The control and switch unit now automatically takes care of connecting the right frequency to the DUT. The PEM42A features:

  • Adjustable RF signal power that ranges from 20 dBm to 44 dBm (higher power levels are available on request). 
  • A noise floor of <-135 dBm to perform both, reverse and forward PIM measurements accurately. Reverse PIM of <-165 dBc and forward PIM of <-163 dBc performance.
  • Ability to deliver Tx signals with 2 ppm frequency stability and +/-0.65 dB amplitude accuracy, and the overall measurement accuracy of +/-1.0 dB.
  • Large 10.2” touch screen display.
  • 6x USB, 1xLAN, 1x GPIB interface ports.

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