Molex Incorporated (Lisle, IL) announces the launch of its new SlimStack SSB6 SMT microminiature board-to-board connectors. With an ultra-low profile (0.35 mm pitch) and compact size (0.60 mm height x 2.00 mm width, when mated), SlimStack SSB6 connectors are ideal for saving space in the compact packaging of smartphones and other portable mobile devices, as well as a wide range of surgical, therapeutic and monitoring medical devices. Features include:

· Wide mating-alignment housing lead-in areas to facilitate fast, easy alignment and mating without risking connector damage due to forced mating.
· A strong audible/tactile click to provide extra assurance of successful mating.
· Dual-contact design to provide secure electrical and mechanical contact and prevent open contacts.
· Wipe length of 0.13 mm to help remove dust and debris, providing further contact assurance.
· Housing canopy cover to provide an anti-zippering barrier that prevents contact pullout from angled unmating.
· Wide vacuum pick-and-place area to accommodates automatic board placement, even with narrow width.

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