LED power supplyStadium Power has launched a range of LED drivers for indoor and outdoor use in LED-based lighting and signage applications. The new range includes the LDP Series, offering 24-, 36- and 48-V constant current outputs over the range 25, 40 and 60 W, with an optional dimming function via a signal from a dimming controller with PWM/1-10 VDC control signal. Designated LDP25, LDP40 and LDP60 standard features include:
Wide universal AC input range from 90 V to 305 VAC.

  • Active power factor correction (PFC) > 0.9.
  • Low inrush current <5 A.
  • Low profile, narrow footprint for ease of installation.
  • Low flicker for stable lighting output.
  • Continuous short circuit and over voltage protection.

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