Diamond Systems (Mountain View, CA) introduced Emerald-MM-8EL-XT (EMM-8EL-XT), a family of high performance PCIe/104 OneBankTM serial I/O modules offering 4 or 8 serial ports with software-controlled configuration and optional opto-isolation. The serial ports are based on a high speed PCIe octal UART with 256-byte TX/RX FIFOs and auto RS-485 transmit control. Each serial port can be independently configured for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols, along with programmable 120-ohm line termination. Features include:

• Ports that are independently isolated with an isolated power + signal chip.
• Intelligent power management that limits inrush current on power-up.
• Independent 2500V isolation circuits for enhanced reliability in vehicle or long cable applications.
• +/-15KV ESD protection.
• Selectable 0-2.048V or 0-3.3V input ranges.

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