Saelig Company, Inc. (Fairport, NY) has a launched two-channel version of their TG5011 function/arbitrary/pulse generators. The new TG5012A features a maximum frequency of 50MHz. Both channels provide the full performance and specification, along with entirely independent operation when required. A notable feature is that either channel can be triggered by the other channel to set up a complex and versatile inter-channel trigger scheme without requiring external connections. Other features include:

• The ability for each channel to be operated completely independently as two separate generators.
• 0.001mHz to 50MHz range, 1uHz resolution.
• Selectable coupling of frequency (equal or offset), amplitude/dc offset.
• Inter-channel phase offset of -360 to +360 with 0.1degree resolution.
• Arbitrary waveforms of up to 128K points at up to 125MS/s.

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