Saelig Company Inc. (Fairport, NY) announces the Owon TDS7102 — a new, 100MHz four-channel benchtop scope, with touch-screen capabilities that make instrument setting, operation, and adjustment faster and more intuitive. With 1GSa/s signal capturing on all four channels simultaneously, a huge 7.6MSa record length, and 50,000 wfmSa/s capture rate, zooming in and finding fast, intermittent pulses is now much quicker and simpler. Other features include:

  • An 8" full color 800 x 600 pixel LCD display, XY mode, auto-set, averaging, and math functions.
  • USB output, waveform storage, pass/fail output, and a 3-year warranty.
  • The ability to switch the input impedance from 1Mohm to 50ohm — a built-in termination to eliminate signal reflections.
  • An autoscale function that can automatically adjust the vertical gain, or the horizontal time base, or both together.
  • Up to 19 automatic measurements (including frequency), high-speed screen update, storage for up to four reference waveforms and set-up parameters.

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