Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) announces the LTC3769, a synchronous step-up DC/DC controller that replaces the boost diode with a high efficiency N-channel MOSFET, increasing efficiency and maximizing output current capability. This controller produces 24V at up to 5A output from a 12V input with up to 98% efficiency, making it ideal for automotive, industrial and medical applications where a step-up DC/DC converter must have low heat dissipation in a small solution size. Other features include:

• Operation over an input voltage range of 4.5V to 60V during start-up.
• Operation down to 2.3VIN after start-up and can regulate an output as high as 60V.
• Low 28µA quiescent current, extending the run time in battery-powered applications when in standby mode with the output voltage in regulation.
• 1.2 Ohm onboard N-channel MOSFET gate drivers.
• Up to 10A output current.

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