ON Semiconductor (Arizona, AZ) has added three new current-mode, fixed-frequency switching regulators to its expansive power management product portfolio. Targeted at use in compact, high-reliability offline AC-DC switched-mode power supplies, the NCP1129, NCP1126, and NCP1124 incorporate an avalanche-rated 650 volt (V) MOSFET and frequency foldback along with skip mode that improve the light load and standby efficiency, meeting the ENERGY STAR EPS 2.0 Standard. Features include:

  • 25 W, 15 W, and 12 W for the NCP1129, NCP1126, and NCP1124, respectively.
  • A jittered 65 kilo Hertz (kHz) or 100 kHz switching frequency.
  • 100 milliwatts (mW) drawn at high line when in standby mode.
  • A 50 ms timer-based auto-recovery short-circuit protection function.
  • An operational temperature range of -40 °C to +150 °C.

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