Larson Electronics (Kemp, TX) has announced the release of a pedestal mounted explosion proof light, The EPL-BS-70LED-6XMB-150X12, that is a low-voltage lighting solution which uses advanced LED technology and an industrial grade design to provide operators in hazardous locations with excellent illumination and low voltage operation. This LED light produces 6,020 lumens and is equipped with an inline transformer that steps down standard 120V-277V AC current to 12 VDC for applications requiring low-voltage operation. Other features include:

• A draw of 70 watts at 5.84 amps.
• A 40° flood pattern of light that is ideal for high vibration environments and general illumination.
• A ¾” thermal shock and impact-resistant tempered glass.
• A 70 watt LED light head mounted atop a 12 ½” diameter circular base fabricated from non-sparking spun aluminum.
• Aluminum base which has three 200lb grip magnets and three 100lb grip magnets.
• An inline transformer which steps 110-277 VAC current down to 12V/24V DC for low voltage operation and 150’ of SOOW cord terminated in a 5-15 straight blade plug.