power inductorMagnetically shielded Sumida (Schaumburg, IL) CDRH3D23 Series Power Inductors are suitable for high-density power circuitry.  With ferrite drum construction and a unique geometry, these devices yield higher inductance values than other inductors with a similar footprint, according to the company.  The inductors measure 3.92 x 3.92 x 2.5 mm. Inductance values range from 0.47 μH – 47 μH.  DCR is as low as 18.8 mOhms ( 20°C).  The devices comply with IPC/JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity Level 1, for unlimited floor life at ≤30°C/85% RH.  Applications include:

  • Driver circuitry.
  • DC-DC converters.
  • Switching power supplies and regulators.
  • Boost converters,
  • Buck-boost regulators. 

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