Powerstax (Sun City West, AZ) has just added 2 new switch-mode COTS DC-DC power supply units to its portfolio which are designed to cope with even the most demanding application environments. The Behlman VPXtraä 1000CM is a rugged, highly reliable, OpenVPX, and Vita 62 compliant unit that accepts a wide range 28VDC input. It is 600W DC rated across 5 outputs. Other features include:

  • Outputs offering 12VDC at 40A, 5VDC at 24A, 3.3VDC at 15A, -12VDC at 2A and +12VDC at 1A.
  • No minimum load requirement.
  • Input-to-output isolation covering up to 500VDC.
  • Line and load regulation of 0.5% and 1.0% respectively.
  • Efficiency >90% (typical).

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