Exar Corporation (Fremont, CA) announced an addition to its range of telecommunications timing products with a new family of Universal Clocks. The XR811xx series offers a wide range of output frequencies from 10MHz to 1.5GHz, with ultra-low phase noise jitter of less than 200fs. Designed for communications, audio/video and industrial applications, the QFN-10 and TSSOP-8 packaged devices are footprint compatible with industry standard synthesizers, providing a superior performance second source option. Features include:

• A highly flexible delta-sigma modulator and a very wide-ranging VCO in a PLL block.
• A core current consumption of 20mA.
• The ability to store up to four different frequency multiplier settings.
• A choice of LVCMOS, LVDS, or LVPECL output drivers.
• Sub-200fs output phase noise jitter as integrated over a PLL loop bandwidth of 1.875MHz – 20MHz.

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