hex voltage supervisorLinear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) introduced the LTC2933 programmable voltage supervisor with built-in EEPROM for simultaneous, accurate monitoring of up to six voltage rails from 0.2 V to 13.9 V. Requiring no external resistors to set thresholds, the LTC2933 provides an I²C/SMBus interface to access onboard EEPROM, so users can quickly configure the device and review faults or violation history through the easy-to-use LTpowerPlay graphical user interface. Six voltage monitoring channels, including one high-voltage channel, offer a choice of input ranges, and 1 percent guaranteed threshold accuracy over temperature. The LTC2933’s tight 1 percent power supply threshold accuracy is asserted to reduce the required system voltage margin, compared to less accurate voltage supervisors. Applications include:

  • Network servers.
  • Data storage.
  • Telecommunications equipment.
  • Industrial control.
  • High availability computer systems.

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