MicroTCA.4 chassisVadaTech (Henderson, NV) announced an 8U high chassis compliant with the MicroTCA.4 specification that offers N+1 redundant power to 4400 W.  MicroTCA.4 systems use double modules with an RTM connector for rear I/O. By adding RTM and higher power large modules, the overall power requirement in chassis are higher. Many High-Energy Physics and other applications require full power redundancy in the system. With specially designed power modules, the VT813 chassis from VadaTech has four 1100-W power supplies in an N+1 redundant power configuration. By aligning the compact power supplies on the side of the card cage, the chassis can provide 12 double-module, mid-sized slots. The backplane for the VT813 is 40GbE-ready, with a high dielectric material for clean signals. The chassis offers:

  • Full redundancy, including dual fans trays in a push/pull configuration.
  • Dual MCH’s, and four power supplies.
  • Dual FRU information devices and carrier locators.
  • A JTAG switch module slot.
  • Built-in telco alarm.

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