Megger (Norristown, Pa) now offers a versatile insulation resistance tester (IRT) rated at 15 kV. The MIT1525 measures motors and generators above 34,500 V and equipment rated above 35 kV. Ideal for applications that use cables, transformers, motors/generators, circuit breakers, and bushings, the 15 kV MIT1525 is compact, lightweight, and has rapid-charge capabilities. It tests the insulation resistance of high-voltage power cables and buses, large motor/generator windings as well as substation transformers. Other features include:

  • 5% accuracy with a maximum resistance up to 3 TΩ. 
  • Rating for an altitude of 3,000 meters.
  • A CAT IV 1,000 V safety rating.
  • 30 TΩ maximum resistance.
  • High noise immunity — 6 mA of noise rejection.
  • Rapid charge Li-ion battery.

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