Artesyn Embedded Technologies (Hong Kong, China), formerly Emerson Network Power's Embedded Computing & Power business, announced the first Titanium efficiency bulk front-end power supply in its standard product range: the DS3000TE-3. This new 3000 W power supply uses proprietary Artesyn power switching technology and high density component packaging techniques to provide servers, networking, telecom and other redundant power applications with the highest efficiency solution. The DS3000TE-3 fully uses the current capacity of 208 to 264 V AC distribution lines, allowing systems to draw the maximum amount of power at the least amount of losses. Other features include:

  • Certified by 80 PLUS to greater than 96 percent efficiency at 50 percent load, defined as Titanium efficiency.
  • A main payload output of 12 V DC for feeding downstream dc-dc converters in systems using distributed power architectures, together with a 12 V DC standby output rated at 4.5 A for power management circuitry.
  • Main DC output which can deliver up to 250 A.
  • Measurements of 4.15 x 2.78 x 11 inches (105.5 x 61.5 x 282.6mm).
  • Built-in ORing and inrush current to 55 A.

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