self-clinching studsPennEngineering’s (Danboro, PA) PEM self-clinching threaded studs in an expanding range of designs introduce offer application-specific benefits for thin metal attachments.  All types of PEM studs are asserted to provide cost-effective and practical alternatives to weld studs or other joining methods by enabling easier installation with fewer production steps and more reliable performance in service.  They install quickly, securely, and permanently using a standard press. The product lineup includes:

  • Flush-head studs (whose heads will be flush with the sheet in which they are mounted) for use in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .040” / 1mm and stainless versions offering optimum corrosion resistance in even thinner stainless steel assemblies.
  • Low-displacement flush head studs for effective close-to-edge installation.
  • Non-flush studs for sheets as thin as .020” / 0.51mm.
  • Heavy-duty studs whose heads project above the thin host sheet to distribute axial tightening force over a larger area and improve pull through resistance.
  • BUSBAR studs functioning as electrical/mechanical attachment points; high tensile strength studs whose medium carbon alloy steel is heat-treated for high strength and hardness to withstand application demands.

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