Pasternack Enterprises (Irvine, CA) introduces a new family of coaxial X band high-gain power amplifiers. These RF amplifiers are typically used as driver amplifiers or high-power output amplifiers in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and military applications including telecom infrastructure, test instrumentation, fixed microwave backhaul, radar systems, communication systems, satellite communications, and commercial avionics. Features include:

  • Hermetically-sealed metal enclosures.
  • A hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs pHEMT technology.
  • Frequencies ranging from 8 to 12 GHz.
  • 30 to 41 dB small signal gain over a temperature range of -30°C and +70°C.
  • Gain flatness from 0.50 dB to 1.0 dB, and the IP3 output performs up to 44 dBm.

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