Microtips Technology (Orlando, FL) announces their new 2.0” of 128*32 and 2.26” of 132*32 OLED TAB Graphic displays. These displays have a built-in SSD1305 IC which has the outline dimensions areas of 59.0 x 186mm and 62.64 x 25.44 mm. These OLEDs display modules make a great option for any application using small size LCDs. Features include:

• Re-mapping on both segment and common outputs which are then adjusted in software.
• A built-in ESD protection circuit.
• An interface pin function that has a communicating Protocol Select.
• Average operating lifetime at room temperature of typically 50,000 Hrs.
• Standard operation at brightness of 150nits, with 80nits for the 2.0” OLED Graphic Display.

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