film caps for DCAVX Corporation (Greenville, SC) is launching the evolution of its FFLC Series medium power film capacitors for DC filtering applications. Available in large case sizes up to 35 liters, the new capacitors are said to exhibit higher specific energy than equivalent solutions (up to 240J/l) and feature the company’s controlled self-healing technology, which enables safe, high reliability, long lifetime performance with no risk of explosion. Also available with a low stray inductance option that enables high frequency ripple current, the series is appropriate for DC filtering in any variety of power conversion applications, but is particularly well-suited for applications that require enhanced safety and reliability. Comprised of metallized, segmented polypropylene film encased in unpainted, rectangular, resin-filled aluminum cases, FFLC Series capacitors feature:

  • Two mounting brackets and either four M8/15 female connections or four M12/30 male connections.  Voltage ratings spanning 800 V to 1350 V
  • Capacitance values spaning 1750 µF to 20,600 µF.
  • Parasitic inductance values spanning 32nH to 55nH. 
  • ±10 percent tolerance.
  • A maximum rms current value of up to 400 A.

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