Zilog (Milpitas, CA) introduces its new MultiMotor Series Development Kit to aid in the development of motor-control applications using an assortment of Zilog MCUs designed specifically for motor control environments. Zilog’s Z16FMC MCU-based MultiMotor Series Development Kit (ZMULTIMC100ZCOG) is a complete application-specific platform for creating a design featuring a Zilog motor control MCU Module connected to a 3-phase MultiMotor Series Development Board. Features include:

  • A 24 V DC/3200 RPM 3-phase motor.
  • Switches to control the speed, direction, and stop/run settings of the motor.
  • 32MB of SPI Flash memory.
  • A 20 MHz, 16-bit optimized single-cycle CISC core.
  • Up to 128 KB of in-circuit programmable Flash memory.
  • 4 KB internal RAM with 16-bit access.
  • A 12-bit PWM module with three complementary pairs (or six independent PWM outputs).

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