Tripp Lite (Chicago, IL) has introduced eight 3-phase switched Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in both hardwire and plug-in options that provide up to 28.8kW capacity. These new PDUs support 415V 3-phase input to the rack, a highly efficient means of power distribution which yields three 240V single-phase outputs for IT loads. Features include:

  • A highly accurate +/-1% billing-grade current monitoring and recording ability for each output phase, breakered load bank, and individual outlet.
  • Switched 3-Phase 415/400/380V input and 240/230/220V output PDUs in 17.3kW to 28.8kW output capacities.
  • Up to 30 switched C13 or C19 outlets in a space-saving 0U vertical form factor.
  • Support for outlet-level power-on, power-off, load shedding, and reboot sequences on real-time or programmable basis.
  • Included Plug-lock inserts.

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