The Optoelectronics Company (San Jose, CA) has announced the launch of the Oclaro HL63163DG: a tiny red laser diode that delivers 100mW single-transverse-mode optical output power at 633nm in the visible wavelength band. The Oclaro HL63163DG presents system designers with a long-awaited and realistic alternative to large, expensive and wasteful He-Ne gas lasers. Features include:

  • 100mW optical output in the 633nm wavelength band.
  • Low power consumption of 0.4W in a 5.6mm TO industry-standard package with TE mode oscillation.
  • Operating current of 170mA (typ.)
  • Threshold current of 70mA (typ.).
  • Operating voltage of 2.6V (typ.)
  • LD reverse voltage of 2V.
  • Operating temperature from -10 to +40 degrees Centigrade.

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